Product Review – Hotter ‘Mystery’ Boots

Following on from our Reader's recommendation of Hotter shoes, we were delighted to be asked to review a pair and see for ourselves.

Looking through the range, I chose the Mystery Boots in Plum (I'm a UK size 5). I'd been wanting a new pair of long boots for some time, and these looked like they would be perfect for winter. My main requirements were:

  • a flat heel – I want to wear them getting out and about and heels just slow me down; I have ankle boots which I love but their higher heel makes them less appealing for dashing around in. My only other winter alternative is trainers, but something warmer, smarter and more sturdy would be nice.
  • smart – to wear for going out as well as day-to-day.
  • suitable to wear over leggings/fitted trousers – I have one old pair of long boots which are just too snug to wear over anything but sheer tights.

I debated between the Black which is all leather, and the Plum which has a leather foot and suede leg. I thought the Black was perhaps a bit smarter, more all-weather and would be more versatile for different outfits. But I do like things which are a bit different and I like the feel of suede – so Plum it was!

Now I'm not a big shoe-lover – my feet and toes are very square and seemingly don't fit into most designs of fashion shoes; I can only wear open or rounded-toe styles and primarily opt for comfort over style. I tend to only buy new pairs when old ones wear out – and traipsing around trying to find something that fits is all a bit of a chore.

Whilst it's convenient, ordering just one pair online that I'd never seen, nor tried the brand, did pose a big question – would they fit?? I really hoped so; I've heard lots about Hotter and how comfy their shoes are, it would be so disappointing if they didn't work for me.

The Mystery Boots arrive from HotterMystery Boots in Plum

So it was with great anticipation that I opened my parcel. First impressions – the boots are really smart (the suede/leather blend is nicer than it looked online actually) and I really love the colour. The insides are beautifully soft and fleecy, right down into the foot, and that sort of attention to detail – which is not even visible from the outside – is a really nice touch. The zips too have a quirky end instead of just a bog standard zipper.

On to the big test then… and YES, they fit!! I was so pleased and more than a little relieved. A quick walk around the house didn't indicate any tightness or soreness – and being boots there are potentially even more points where they could rub.

The calves are quite wide so are not the choice if you want something very fitted. But it suits me as my own calves are quite chunky, and there's ample room to tuck in trousers or leggings which is mainly what I wanted. The full-length side opening makes them very easy to get on and off, although the zip does seem to stick very slightly around the ankle – I'm making sure I pull it gently and that the sides are all lined up first.

They are perhaps a little shorter than I thought they would be, finishing approximately halfway between my ankle and knee (the boots are 31cm from floor to top). I may have preferred them slightly longer in the leg, but they still look good and you can't have everything!

Rough soles - hopefully good in icy weatherUnusual zipper design

The soles look quite rough, so I hope they will be well-suited to icy conditions (not on my original wish-list but a big bonus). I'm really looking forward to wearing them over the Christmas period, and will report back on my experiences in the new year…


Well, I can honestly say my boots have been a great success! Apart from my slippers indoors and my walking boots in the mud, I've not worn any other footwear since I had them. They look equally great with leggings and a skirt, or trousers, they go over smart fitted trousers and under wide leg jeans (just – as the calves are quite wide, but that works for me).

Wearing my Hotter Mystery bootsMy Hotter Mystery Boots

They're warm, cosy and incredibly comfortable – you really do forget you're wearing them. I did have a sore patch on one ankle after the first few wears, but this was solved by wearing thicker socks and now I don't feel a thing. I've worn them Christmas shopping and on long walks, and never once thought ‘my feet feel tired, I need to sit down'. If I'm dashing around in a hurry they don't slow me down at all – perfect.

I've not had the opportunity to test them in really cold icy weather – unusually this winter has been all about the rain so far, and I'm not sure how well the suede will hold up if they get really wet. I've not worn them exposed when it was raining, as I want to keep them looking nice.

I think I'll be wearing them for a good few weeks yet, and I'll even be disappointed when the summer comes! Oh well, I'll just have to get another pair of Hotter shoes, I see there's some new styles out for spring…


Posted by Emma –

The Mystery Boots were supplied to us by Hotter for the purposes of review, however there were no conditions attached and the above is our honest and accurate experience.