What to wear in Taiwan

What to Wear in Taiwan

Here is your complete guide for what to wear in Taiwan. We will cover what to pack for each season, what shoes to pack and other travel essentials that you should bring along on your trip to Taiwan.

Top Taiwan style tips

  • When deciding what to wear in Taiwan, our advice is to pack light.
  • Pack casual, lightweight layers that aren't too revealing. Light cotton clothing that is easily washed and not too delicate is ideal.
  • Taipei is very fashionable and Western fashion is very popular.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to wear shorts, but keep in mind when visiting religious temples you will need to be more modest and cover up your legs.
  • The local people appreciate it if you dress up when visiting restaurants and evening venues.
  • You can also purchase almost any kind of clothing, although the sizes are far smaller than you may be used to in the West.
  • Our advice would be to make sure you take enough underwear as even their large size is small by Western standards.
  • Take your sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection).
  • A travel umbrella is also recommended, it is perfect for protection from the rain and sun. Plus, it packs down to the size of your palm making it very easy to carry.
Tea houses in Taiwan Taipei

Make sure you visit some of the hip Taipei tea houses and experience the Taiwanese tea culture.

Shoes to pack for Taiwan

  • Make sure you bring water-resistant and breathable footwear that can withstand the rainy and humid weather of Taiwan. Shoes in materials sensitive to water or humidity (like suede or delicate leather) should be avoided.
  • A good pair of comfortable walking shoes and stylish flats are highly recommended. We love Hotter shoes, for total comfort and style.
  • Ladies, save your high heels for the evenings. You will most likely be doing a lot of walking throughout the day and your feet with thank you for choosing comfortable and sturdy footwear.
  • The average Taiwanese person has far smaller feet than the average Westerner, so keep this in mind if you are planning to buy shoes in Taiwan. If you wear above a size 8, bring all the shoes you think you will need as you won't easily find your size.
Shoes to wear in Taiwan

Wear shoes and sandals that can cope with rain and humidity (avoid delicate leather and suede).

Pack for the weather

  • Taiwan has a tropical climate and is humid and warm all year round, although it is coolest in January, February and March, when warmer layers will be needed.
  • The typhoon season is June, July, August, September and October – pack a lightweight raincoat.
  • Dressing in layers will help you cope with any temperature changes.
  • It is always a great idea to check the weather forecast very close to your departure date to get the latest weather predictions. This can help you add last-minute clothing items if necessary.

What to wear in Spring

March, April, and May

  • In April and early May, there is a chance of thunderstorms, particularly in the afternoons. While mid to late May usually brings the monsoon season and there will be significant rainfall. So be prepared and make sure you pack a lightweight waterproof jacket.
  • Choosing a jacket that is packable and folds into a small pouch is a great idea, as you will be able to carry it with you without taking up much room.
  • You could also purchase a small travel umbrella. They are only the size of your palm and don't take up a lot of room in your backpack.
  • In March, you will need some layering options as the temperature can range from 59-68 degrees Fahrenheit (15-20 degrees C). Lightweight cardigans and sweaters should do the job and you can always layer them with your waterproof jacket.
  • In April and May, the temperature will heat up a little and can range from  64-81 degrees Fahrenheit (18-27 C). Be sure to pack plenty of light breathable clothing in natural fibers.

What to wear in Summer

June, July, and August

  • Summer in Taiwan is normally hot, humid and rainy. On some days the heat can be harsh and sticky.
  • Summer temperatures can range between 77-91 degrees Fahrenheit (25-33 degrees C). July and August usually being the hottest months of the year.
  • Make sure you bring very light and breathable clothing.  Focus on natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and linen that will be much more breathable in the humid weather conditions.
  • Try to choose loose-fitting clothing as it will be more breathable and comfortable in the harsh heat.
  • A travel umbrella is always a good idea for Taiwan summers. It will protect you from both the harsh sun and the heavy rainfall and it is easy to pack.

What to wear in Fall

September, October, and November

  • September is still very hot and wet, with the average temperature ranging from 86-75 degrees F (30-24C). So make sure you follow the advice for the hot summer months. Natural fabrics, breathable water-resistant shoes, and a practical travel umbrella will serve you well.
  • October and November cool down slightly and experience relatively less rain compared to the summer months. But overall the weather is still quite warm.
  • You might like to pack some lightweight layers, like a light cotton cardigan, in case the temperature drops. This is particularly the case if you are traveling in November.

What to wear in Winter

December, January and February

  • The winter months in Taiwan are the coolest of the year, but can still be considered quite mild.  Temperatures range between 55-66 degrees Fahrenheit (13-19 C).
  • Ensure you bring a versatile, lightweight travel jacket. We love the SCOTTeVEST travel jacket because it has over 23 pockets, removable sleeves and RFID protection. You won't need a heavy winter coat unless you are planning to visit the mountainous regions.
  • Bring plenty of lightweight layering options to prepare you for the changes in temperature.

Clothing tips for women

  • Trousers are a must, since many temples will forbid entry to women wearing skirts.
  • For travel at any time and anywhere a versatile pashmina will keep you warm, act as a modesty cover, or will ‘glam' up any outfit if you need it.
  • The humidity can play havoc with your hair – so think about accessories or a scarf to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Clothing tips for men

Men clothing tips Taiwan

  • Linen is always a practical choice to combat the humid climate of Taiwan. Long-Sleeve Linen shirts are perfect to wear as they are breathable and protect from the harsh sun.
  • Classic linen shorts will also serve you well. Choose neutral colors like navy, stone or beige, that will match with everything.
  • If traveling in the cooler months (December, January, February and March), make sure you pack some chinos as they can be dressed up or down and will give you the added warmth if the temperature drops.
  • The cooler months also call for some lightweight sweaters and a versatile travel jacket.

Taiwan travel essentials

  • Now that you know what to wear in Taiwan, here are some crucial travel accessories to pack.
  • The tap water in Taiwan is not safe to drink. So, make sure you avoid brushing your teeth or even swallowing tap water in the shower. Consider taking a LifeStraw Filtration Water Bottle, it will filter the tap water, making it safe to drink. Plus it will save you from constantly buying bottled water.
  • A bag or soft-sided rucksack is a more practical option than hard cases when traveling around the country, and using packing cubes can help to keep your belongings tidy whilst compressing the volume too.
  • Combine your main bag with a compact backpack or shoulder bag that will carry your sightseeing essentials.
  • To use electrical gadgets you may need a travel adapter plug, and consider a voltage converter if your devices are not designed for the local voltage (110V).
  • Avoid paying unexpected baggage fees – use an accurate luggage scale to ensure you keep within the weight allowance. Don't forget to leave room for souvenirs on the way home! Pineapple cake is a popular buy, and you'll see various handicrafts to choose from.

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