Product Review – Hotter Shoes

One of our readers emailed us to say how much she loves Hotter shoes. We all know that finding shoes that look great but are comfy too can be a challenge – and comfort is a must when on holiday. Plus, if you want to pack light, you need a versatile pair that go with everything. Val seems to have found just the solution with Hotter – read on for her tips on which styles work best for her…


Ever since I bought my first pair of Hotter shoes, I haven't bought any other brand. Quite simply, every pair has ‘comfort’ right the way through with padded collars and underfoot cushioning to pamper your feet.

But more than this, Hotter manage to wrap up this comfort in a wide variety of styles ranging from classic to funky, with the added distinction of decorative stitching or quirky fastenings – not forgetting lovely colours.

I have always had trouble getting smart shoes which are comfortable, so with Hotter I particularly like the dainty heels for evening wear – just enough to give you an elegant lift but still firm and supportive. My latest purchase Rumba in the colour ‘grape juice’ is a real treat.

When going on holiday, sandals of course are a must and the pair called Easy certainly live up to their name. But for getting out and about I could not be without Leanne. These shoes are so light and flexible that I feel I'm walking on air. They take me through whatever the day might bring, from dusty country paths to ancient ruins or cobbled streets.

My favourite day-to-day Hotter shoesMy favourite smart Hotter shoes

For evening wear I rely on Mango, a sandal with a low heel. In white and pewter, it is a classic colour which goes with any outfit, with an extra bit of sparkle to dress it up. Even dancing the night away on a recent cruise my feet didn't hurt at all – unheard of in previous shoes.

My husband says he can't understand why I need so many shoes! However he's joined in the fun and now has a few pairs of his own from the men's range – all of which are equally comfortable.

I attach some photos to show you just some of my collection!

Some of my Hotter shoe collection!My husband's Hotter shoes


Thanks to Val for sharing with us. You can view the full range of Hotter shoes on their website.

What's your favourite brand of shoes or clothing? Do you have an essential ‘must pack' for your trips? Let us know by emailing or you can comment via Facebook using the form below.