Our Favourites: Footwear

Helen's Choice

My very favourite footwear for the summer are Toms. I can't recall how or when I first came across them, but ever since then I have been a devoted fan.

I know that, as a canvas shoe, they won't last from one year to the next and there are cheaper products of a similar style, but every year I look forward to choosing the colours and designs I will have – and there are lots to choose from. Did I say one pair… I usually buy at least two pairs as I can't choose between the colours!

They are so comfortable, which means I can walk all day whether over cobbles or carpet. My feet don't get hot and sweaty. And being closed in my feet don't get dirty either when the paths are rough and dusty, which they can be a lot when you travel.

They can be washed and dried quickly. They weigh next to nothing at all and take up very little space in my case. They are even smart enough to wear in the evening. Summer just wouldn't be summer now without my Toms.

Oh, and one really cool thing that they do – for every pair you buy from Toms they gift a pair of shoes to a child in need. So in helping yourself you can help someone else too, and surely that is the great gift of travel.

Buy them here:
Toms canvas shoes for both men and women are available on Amazon.com

Emma's Choice

I've really never been a ‘shoe girl'. My feet are an awkward shape, my toes are square. Shopping for new footwear was always a chore not a pleasure, and when I found a pair that looked nice there would be the inevitable pain and blisters as I wore them in.

But then I discovered Hotter shoes… Now, my Mum introduced me to Hotter having become a convert herself, and it's fair to say they have had a bit of a frumpy image (sorry Mum!). There are definitely styles in the range I wouldn't wear in a million years. But that's lucky really, as there are plenty I do like and I've now bought more shoes in the past year than in the previous 10 years put together. There are some lovely designs, and the colours are fabulous. I really don't need any more shoes, do I… hmm.

Having started with a pair of winter boots (in plum), my Hotter collection now includes summer flats (mint green), ballet pumps and wedges (both chilli red) and evening heels (teal suede – definitely an indulgence buy).

Footwear is often a trade-off between comfort and style, but Hotter shoes manage to have both – even on my strange feet. They're incredibly light – it's always a surprise when you pick them up – and are made with lovely materials both inside and out. And all the little details have been considered (soft felt linings, cute fastenings) which makes them feel that little bit more special.

Being comfy and smart means they're really versatile and so perfect for travel – one pair will go with many outfits and you'll still feel and look great. Whether you plan to walk all day or dance all night, you'll hardly notice you're wearing them. Now, where's that catalogue…

Buy them here:
Hotter shoes for both men and women are available on Hotter.com