Capsule wardrobes

Why Pack a Capsule Wardrobe?

  • By packing a capsule wardrobe of ‘mix and match‘ items, you can drastically reduce the amount in your suitcase.
  • Travelling will be quicker and more convenient with fewer bags to lug around.
  • With a lighter load you can travel on aircraft with carry-on baggage only – save on those frustrating baggage fees, and reduce the risk your luggage will be lost or delayed.
  • Your packing process will be quicker and stress-free – no need to plan weeks ahead, and you can be confident you'll have everything you need.
  • Once in resort, unpacking will be quick and easy too – meaning you can hit the beach in record time!
  • No-one likes returning home again, but at least you'll have fewer clothes to unpack and wash – and you won't waste time on things you didn't even wear!

Choosing What to Pack

  • Our outfit suggestions are a guideline – choose styles and colours that suit you, whilst bearing in mind the expectations of your destination.
  • Stick to a simple colour scheme so that everything goes together. Neutrals are always safe, then add in a couple of statement colours to dress them up.
  • Choose fabrics that don't crease and which dry easily – you can always give clothes a quick rinse in the bath with a blob of shampoo. In hotter climes they will dry quickly on a balcony.
  • You don't need a separate outfit for every day or evening – two ‘tops' and two ‘bottoms' will give you four different combinations.
  • And casual outfits can be transformed for evening with just a change of shoes and a few accessories. A belt, and for women a scarf or statement necklace, won't take up much room in your case but will make all the difference to your look.
  • Think about your likely activities – for example, if you don't intend to stray far from the beach you really won't need much besides swimwear. But if you're going sightseeing too, you'll need some comfortable shoes and a day bag.
  • Shoes can take up the most space – try to pack just one comfy pair for walking, plus sandals if needed, and one dressier pair for evenings. Wear your bulkiest choice to travel in.