Ice Bar London

Looking to Chill Out in London? Head for the Ice Bar

ICEBARIt's true that anyone who knows me will say I don’t like the cold and will usually do anything to avoid it.

However, last weekend as I was looking around for a fun (yet different) venue in London to take my friend as part of her birthday surprise. I came across the ICEBAR on Heddon Street (just off Regent Street).


Wrapped up in the ICEBAR

They promise you a thermal cape and gloves (fetching or not – see the photo!) and advise you to wrap up warm for the 40 minutes max they recommend you stay in the bar. It sounded fascinating, fun and different enough to fit the bill, and the cost included our first drink (cocktails) too – what could be better than that?

Well, we had a great time – it was fun, different and everyone in the bar was in the spirit of having a good time. It's a really quirky attraction if you are planning a visit to London, and did it fit the bill? Absolutely!


Reservations for the ICEBAR can be made online at, or for other London treats why not try afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason or lunch on a river cruise.


Written by Helen