An English Autumn Weekend Away in Ludlow, Shropshire

What more fun is there than spending an autumn weekend with great friends in a great location?

We have just enjoyed a delightful stay at Old Downton Lodge in Downton, Shropshire (NOT to be confused with Downton Abbey!) – a gorgeous and totally relaxing destination. It's not quite a hotel, nor a B&B, nor restaurant with rooms – it really felt like a home from home, and I can’t wait to go back. The high beamed ceilings and bare stone walls lend a real sense of character and luxury.

Its close proximity to Ludlow meant we were able to enjoy the country pleasure of brisk walks with stunning views with a trip into the town, which I had no idea was such a great shopping location. Its charm being that it’s full of small one-off boutique style shops rather than big high street chains, and we couldn’t resist popping in and out of many… and buying a few things!

Ludlow Castle Views across the Shropshire hills

Definitely the wrong shoes!!The detour to take in Ludlow Castle (it is in the centre of the town) hadn’t been mentioned when I got ready in the morning, and as you can see my shoes were definitely not fit for purpose! But it was worth all the strange looks and smiles climbing the spiral stairs for the magnificent views. It just goes to show that even when you plan your trip – and I did have walking boots with me – you can still get caught out.

Using just the one Cabin Max Wheeled Backpack for two of us, I packed for me:

  • a dress, cardigan, wrap and shoes for the evening
  • walking boots, socks, fleece, t-shirt and trousers for walking
  • and wore jeans, t-shirt, jumper, scarf, boots and a coat.

For Steve I packed:

  • trousers, shirt, jumper and shoes for the evening
  • and he wore walking trousers, shirt, fleece, jacket and walking boots.

Along with PJ’s, toiletries, hair straighteners etc it all fitted easily in the one bag.

The British weather is variable more than ever in autumn, and I decided to forgo an umbrella in favour of a coat with a hood – which when it’s windy and for walking around town, was the stress-free option.

The trip reminded me that even a couple of days away can leave you feeling refreshed, and I’m now thinking about where to go next.


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