think before you drink

Think before you drink

Before buying bottled water it's worth thinking that in developed countries with safe, drinkable tap water, bottled water is typically up to 500 times more expensive than tap water. In the UK alone we consume around 3 billion bottles of water each year!

Reusing your water bottle will also help you do your bit for the planet – millions of plastic water bottles end up in landfill every year. In the UK we recycle about 35% of our plastic bottles meaning the majority end up in landfill. They also use precious resources to make.

The Aquaskin foldable water bottle is a great alternative; for travelling, camping, the beach, sports events or long walks. They are freezer and dishwasher safe, can contain hot or cold drinks and are designed to be used again and again.

This foldable bottle comes in funky colours and is made from 100% BPA-free, high quality materials. BPA is considered to be a harmful compound often found in other reusable bottles and cans. It holds 480ml when full and rolls flat when empty. The ring clip will securely attach it to your handbag, luggage or belt.

With the Olympics now upon us, we are being told it’s not possible to take bottled water into the park but that there are free water dispensers once there, so the Aquaskin bottle is the perfect solution.