how to wear a pashmina

8 uses for a pashmina

I get to ask a lot of women travellers what their number one travel tip would be and the top tip that comes up more times than any “my biggest tip is to always wear a pashmina when flying so it can double up as a blanket on the plane!” and personally I am a raving fan from light weight pashminas for hotter climes and summer evenings to toasty warm thick cashmere for snuggling into when the weather is freezing.

With so many gorgeous colours, I have over the years collected lots of pashminas from the palest cream to vibrant green, purple and shocking pink to glam up a plain outfit.

Pashminas are gorgeous, versatile and a joy to wear. They have become part of a modern women's wardrobe and can be worn anywhere at anytime with just about anything and here are just a few of my favourite uses.

8 great uses for a pashmina

1. As a scarf, probably the most obvious use of all.

2. To keep you snugly warm on the plane when the air conditioning kicks in because there is nothing worse than hours sitting on a freezing cold plane, why do they do that?

3. To keep you covered when the setting requires, like when visiting temples, churches or religious monuments. You really don’t want to have to miss out or cover up using something handed out that has maybe never been cleaned!

4. To glam up a simple outfit, a lighter colour like taupe, off white, cream or white will create that movie star “I haven't bothered” look.

Pashmina layering tips

5. Or to simply add colour to a pair of jeans. A pashmina is a great accessory and if like me you are consious of your bingo wings it helps cover them too.

6. Pashminas are also great at keeping the evening chill off when the sun sets and the sea breeze means you need a little cover but a jacket is too much.

7. To use as a blanket to sit on for an impromptu picnic or to sit on the beach and watch the sun go down.

8. Or as the wrapping for a present it makes for an unusual cover and an extra gift.

If you don't yet own one, my advice; go buy one you won't ever regret it.