Kindle for travel

Love books, love to travel? You’ll love the Kindle.

Vacations are a great time to catch up on the reading you never have time to do in our busy lives. But there’s the rush to the bookshop or Amazon to choose what to read, then the cramming in the suitcase only to find it’s over the weight limit and having to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Sound familiar?

That all changed for me when I got my Kindle. If you love to read and you love to travel, then this is a marriage made in heaven. The latest and smallest Kindle will fit in your pocket, will store 1400 books and weighs less than 170 grams, which is less than one regular book. It's absolutely perfect for holidays. The anti-glare feature means you can read in bright sunshine, and it's much more comfortable to hold whilst sunbathing than a printed book.

Kindles comes with WIFI and mine also has free 3G which means I can download anytime and the choice of books is huge; there are even free books. One of my favourite features though is the Free Sample option – so if I’m really not sure if a book is for me then I can read enough in the sample to decide before spending any money. I love that.

It’s so easy to get started too because unlike some other eReaders you don’t need a computer or to install software to set it up; the Kindle comes ready to go – just pick it up and start reading.

To be honest I do miss not being able to pass a book I have read on to friends, but with Kindle I can share my library with friends who also have Kindle which is really neat.

Like my friend Pauline said: “I never thought I could give up real books, but now I’m completely hooked”.