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Your guide to choosing the most comfortable everyday shoes

Choosing comfortable everyday shoes can make a big difference to your your overall mood, health and lifestyle. Wearing the wrong footwear can lead to serious issues including back pain, muscle aches, soft tissue damage and joint problems. Personally, I feel utterly exhausted at the end of the day if I have been wearing uncomfortable shoes. But with so many shoe options on the market it can be very confusing finding a pair of shoes that can keep up with your busy lifestyle and help you feel relaxed and comfortable at the end of a long day.  Here is your guide to choosing the most comfortable everyday shoes you have ever worn.

What to look for in a comfortable everyday shoe


There is nothing worse than feeling your feet get hot and sweaty after walking in them all day. Having breathable shoes will help your feet feel dry and comfortable all day long. Plus, breathability helps with unwanted foot odour too.  The most effective shoe fabrics have premium Moisture Control, with breathable micro-pores. Micropores are small enough that external water can not get in but large enough to let internal moisture escape. Here are some features to look for to ensure maximum breathability:

Choosing breathable shoe fabric


The flexibility of your shoes makes a huge difference to your everyday comfort. Studies have found flexible soles lead to healthier feet and stronger muscles, as they enable the natural range of motion in your foot. Stiff soles can hinder natural movement and lead to problems in the long term. When choosing shoes, bend the sole to ensure is allows a full range of motion. Avoid shoes that are stiff and rigid.  It is a good idea to also check the sole has a good grip.

comfortable shoes flexible soles

When buying shoes, bend the sole to make sure it allows optimum flexibility and a full range of motion. These are the Gravity Shoes, by Hotter.


There is really no use buying a comfortable shoe if it falls apart within the first few weeks of wear. It is well worth investing in a long wearing everyday shoe that will last. Here is a checklist to follow when testing for durability:

1) Is the shoe made from a durable and flexible material?

Have a good feel of the material and check that it is sturdy yet flexible. The ideal shoe gives your foot a natural range of motion while providing long wearing durability.

2) Does the sole have deep tread for extra grip and stability?

Make sure the sole has sufficient deep gain tread that will last longer than shoes with only light textural tread that wears easily.

activewear shoe tred

3) Has the shoe got reinforcement in the toe and heel area?

The toe and heels of shoes get the brunt of the action and need to be reinforced for long wear. This is especially true for shoes made out of mesh material. I have purchased expensive mesh shoes in the past and have been very disappointed to see holes developing in the toe area after repeated wear.

4) Are any accessories such as laces, zips and fastenings of a premium quality? 

Stiff, uncooperative zips or flimsy fastenings are a dead giveaway of a poor quality shoe. Choose shoes with premium zips (such as YKK zips) and sturdy fastenings that will not break easily.


Shoes with added cushioning and support can enhance overall comfort. High quality support and cushioning can enhance mobility, posture and avoid blisters, chafing and other foot issues. Just note, any added support should not restrict the natural movement of the foot.

Our vote for the top 3 most comfortable shoes

Here is our vote for the three most comfortable shoes. All three have met our strict guidelines for durability, breathability, flex and support.

1) The Gravity Shoes


Gravity Sneakers by Hotter ShoesI did a review on these Gravity Shoes last year and I ended up living in them.  They are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Since then, Hotter have come out with new season colors for 2020 and I am going back for more! They are so incredibly lightweight and cushiony I feel like I am walking on clouds. They have the micro-pores built in to the leather for maximum breathability. I got the metallic ones last year and I found I could dress them down with active leggings, or dress them up with skinny jeans and a smart casual jacket.  They definitely get my vote for most comfortable shoes.

2) The Leanne Shoes


Leanne shoes by HotterThese Leanne Shoes are great if you like a more sporty style and love to wear activewear. They are perfect if you like going on long walks or are on your feet all day. Made from durable Nubuck with leather insock and textile lining, they provide the optimum breathability and long lasting comfort.  I love the extra cushioning around the collar for added support.  The sole is ultra flexible and provides a great grip to keep up with your everyday lifestyle.

3) The Star Shoes


Star Shoes by Hotter The Star Shoes are great for everyday wear. I love the two-tone speckle effect print. It makes them perfect for casual wear, but you can also wear them with dressier jeans for a smart-casual look. They are made from gorgeous soft Suede and Velvet Numbuck, with breathable mesh lining. So they provide optimum durability and comfort. They also have a unique bubble filled sole that makes them feel weightless. Complete with all round cushioning support, they pass all of our stringent criteria for super comfy shoes.

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