leather sneakers instead of heels

Times are changing, ditch the heels for feel-good leather sneakers

As we spend more of our time socially distanced from our friends, our fashion choices become increasingly about comfort and practicality. Social events, restaurants and nights out are replaced with quality family time, walks around the neighborhood and finding pleasure in the simple things. So, now is the perfect time to ditch your high heels and opt for a comfy pair of leather sneakers instead.  Here is your guide to styling leather sneakers, in these changing times.

Celebrating special occasions

Backyard Birthday

Let's face it, special occasions look different. Large parties with extended family and friends have given way to modest celebrations with people in your immediate household. This does not mean you can’t dress up for the occasion. Dressing up is a great way of making occasions feel special, but you can opt for a more comfortable ensemble. These leather sneakers, by Hotter, look great with my favorite dress (leave the killer heels in your wardrobe).

Exploring your neighborhood

In the past, I loved catching up with friends at cafes and restaurants, but now I spend a big part of my day exploring my neighborhood on socially distanced walks. These gentle leather sneakers are perfect for hitting the streets and feeling comfortable, without having to get kitted up in activewear. And don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Stop and smell the roses

stop to smell the roses

Feel-good footwear?… just add color

Don't be afraid to try sneakers in fresh colors. I find incorporating bright colors into my wardrobe is a great way to give myself a mood boost. Here are this season's colors to inspire you:

Scarlet Poppy

scarlet poppy red color trend spring 2020


Scarlet Poppy is the bold statement color of the season. Bold, daring and brave. And let's face it, we could all use a brave outlook at a time like this. These Lark Shoes in Red will brighten your daily walks and also give you ultimate comfort with an ultra-flex sole.

Coral Pink

coral pink color trends spring 2020

Coral pink is all about bringing a fresh and optimistic outlook on life. The color of warm weather and new beginnings. These Brooke Shoes in Coral will inject a burst of color into your wardrobe (and hopefully a bit of that optimism will rub off too). I love the breathable punch detail in the side panels and the comfortable sole.

Faded Sky

color trend 2020 faded sky blue

Faded Sky, is the color of calm, composure and understated elegance. These Chase Shoes in sky and platinum will have you feeling like the queen of calm. Wear with your comfortable and minimalistic essentials.

Recap: Top tips for styling during changing times

1) ditch the heels for leather sneakers
2) inject fresh and bold color into your wardrobe (I promise you will get a mood boost)
3) choose comfort over high fashion
4) dress up for special occasions, even if you are at home

What is your go-to style during social distancing? Do you stay in PJs all day, wear tracksuits or get dressed as you normally would? Do you still dress up on special occasions? Comment below.

XX Mia


  • Reply
    Karen White
    April 12, 2020 at 7:50 am

    I agree with you. We celebrated my husband’s 40th last weekend and we got dressed up to mark the occasion. You have to find ways to make events feel special, even if you are stuck in the house.

  • Reply
    Melissa George
    April 12, 2020 at 10:47 pm

    I feel like I am living in my PJs at the moment. I do miss dressing up and going out. Dress with sneakers combo looks fab.

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