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A Round-Up Of Things To Do (And Not Do) In Japan

Visiting Japan is an incredible experience; it's arguably unlike any other country on earth.

Aside from the usual tourist dilemmas of where to go first and what to do next, throw in the countless rules of etiquette and social expectations and it's hard to know where to begin.

Fortunately, plenty of people have been there before us, and there are numerous guides on the internet to give you a helping hand. We've had a round-up, and we think these are some of the best:

Tokyo – 9 Facts About The Most Fascinating And Bizarre City In The World
From the lack of space, hilarious signs and bizarre fashion trends to an explanation of Japanese toilets; Sabrina sums it all up with her 9 fascinating facts for a first-time visitor.

Strange signs in Japan

Check out Sabrina's collection of strange signs found throughout Japan…

Things To Do In Tokyo
Whether it's your first visit, you're heading there with the kids, or sticking to a budget – Craig rounds up a collection of tips and stories to ensure you're well-informed before you go.


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19 Things Not to Do in Japan

There are any number of cultural social expectations in Japan, and whilst the locals may be more tolerant of ignorance by tourists it's always nice to respect your hosts where possible – whatever country you're visiting. You may struggle to remember everything you should do, but sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important…

 Talking-on-the-phone-in-Japan-on-public-transportTalking on the cell phone on public transport is considered very rude in Japan