USA Route 66 Road Trip – Day 5: Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas

Today the temperatures are forecast to hit at least 95F, so moving into cut-off jeans with a light sleeveless tunic and flat shoes, and of course sunglasses. Steve wears walking trousers, polo shirt and shoes.

It actually hit 98F. The landscape through Texas has been flat – huge plains for cattle. Almost immediately after we crossed the border from Oklahoma the trees stopped; Steve says they were all cut down for cattle ranching. The ranches are huge and stretch for miles and miles, dotted with oil drilling wells and wind turbines. Being Sunday, lots of places are closed so there's not much to see. In Oklahoma City they seemed to have more churches than people and huge ones at that – but we've seen very few since coming into Texas.

We stayed the night right on the 1-40 at Amarillo, which sees 90% of Texas beef and 25% of the whole USA beef go through it. There was a faint odour of cow everywhere!


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