USA Route 66 Road Trip – Day 11: Flagstaff to Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas here we come! This is about a 5 hour drive, something the Americans would regard as short – they think nothing of driving 12 hours or more. Steve pointed out that if you tried driving that far in the UK you would drop off the edge!

It's a sunny 55F when we leave Flagstaff at 8.30am, heading for a very hot Las Vegas. I'm wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, pink cardigan and boots. Steve wears a white polo shirt, walking trousers and Timberlands. Our fleeces and walking jackets are all packed away now, no more use for those until we are back home in the UK.

Leaving Flagstaff, we remark on this being the first time we have seen people make the effort to have gardens; everywhere else we have been, all we have seen are dusty yards with nothing in them, and often they don't even fence off their property from their neighbours. But here and in Sedona there are some beautifully tended gardens, and they have some pretty tough weather to contend with.

I meant to mention when we were out with Jim – he asked us if we have cattle grids back home and we said that we did. He said they do have some, but mostly now they just paint white lines on the road to look like a cattle grid and the cows won't cross this. The calves who have never seen real cattle grids will also not cross them either. I wonder if that would work at home.

As I use my phone to take lots of photos I'm finding my pocket charger invaluable – otherwise I would have to stop using it about halfway through the day. The charger is so light and charges my phone up really quickly, and still has power left. I think you would get two full phone charges from it. When we get back to our room I then charge it up from the mains, and again it's quick.

Caesars Palace hotel, Las VegasArriving in Las Vegas, all the hotels seem to offer free parking which is amazing considering they charge for everything else. We haven't seen free WiFi here at all, and in our hotel (Caesars Palace) the only internet connection in our room is via a cable and that doesn't fit mobile devices. We have to pay $24.98 per day whether or not we use the internet or pool etc, which no one tells you about, and don't even go near the mini bar – it costs a small fortune. In fact even coffee in your room costs a lot; I guess they don't really want you staying in there for long.

People wear absolutely anything here from long dresses to short shorts; long sleeves and long trousers which seem far too hot to almost nothing at all. So whatever you feel great in will work here, and if you get bored you can always buy a new outfit from the hundreds and hundreds of shops that stay open all day and night.

TOP TIP: For exploring Las Vegas make sure you pack really comfortable shoes. You will do a lot of walking here, even within the hotel you are staying at, and that's before you start to explore the Las Vegas Boulevard aka The Strip. You can make them practical or glamorous for the day time, but I would opt for more glamorous at night.

Le Reve show in Las VegasAfter orientating ourselves and having a couple of drinks (if cocktails are your thing then this really is the place to come, and they even supersize them) we decided to get ready for the show at the Wynn hotel. Le Reve has been voted one of the best shows on TripAdvisor and we decided to have dinner there before the show started at 9.30 pm. I decided to wear my evening top for the first time, with black jeans, high heels and my yellow cardigan. High heels meant a cab ride, otherwise we could easily have walked it in 25 mins. In fact the hotels are all quite close together – it's just that the walkways are all designed to get you to walk by or through all the other hotels, adding lots to the journey time.

Be mindful that in all the main hotels, dinner and a couple of drinks will set you back around $200 when you factor in a crazy 20% tip.

The show was simply stunning, well worth the price tag. In fact the best shows all seem to be about the same price, and whilst there are ticket booths on the strip selling half-price tickets on the night, if there is a show you really want to see then it's best to book in advance.


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