When is the best time to buy plane tickets

When Is the Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets?

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When you are looking to travel, you may be wondering what the best time to buy airline tickets is. We all know that shopping at the right time can save you a lot of money, in addition to using codes and other deals. Learn the best time to buy, so that you can save even more on your vacation. The more you save on airfare, the more you can spend on your splurges while you are away.

Look On Tuesdays

Currently, the best time to buy plane tickets is on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm Eastern time – the tickets usually take a bit of a dip in prices at this time. You can save money whether you are shopping with an online ticket broker or if you are shopping directly with the airline.

Be Flexible About Travel Dates

You may be able to save money by being flexible about the day that you are flying. Wednesdays are one of the cheapest days to fly. You will definitely save if you can avoid flying on the weekends, as well.

Buy In Advance

Timing your ticket purchase is also important. You can usually score the best deal between three and four months before your scheduled vacation. This will allow you take advantage of the lower fares that the airlines release hoping to fill up their planes.

Take Advantage Of Other Promotions

Another factor you need to consider is the current promotions offered by the various companies. If you monitor their social network pages like Facebook and Twitter, you may be able to take further advantage of deals.

Use A Different Strategy For The Holidays

The best time to buy plane tickets for the holidays is different. These tickets tend to go up in price a lot more the closer you get to the holiday season. You can start looking for fares about seven months in advance. Do not wait to buy if you find a great deal – it can be difficult to book your entire family together if you wait too long.

Widen Your Search

You may also want to consider flying on discount airlines instead of your traditional airline. Airlines like JetBlue and Southwest can offer big discounts on flights when compared to some of the others like America or United. Take the time to shop around at discount ticket sites as well as directly with the airline. If you plan things right you may also be able to get a combined discount on your airfare, hotel stay and car rental. It does take careful planning, but you can score some great deals, which will leave you more money to go shopping with while you are on vacation.


Guest post written by by Zhuang Ping. She loves planning her next vacation, and is planning to visit Singapore in the next holidays.