Great Travelling Apps for Android

What’s your most important item when you’re packing to go on holiday? Swimsuit? Suncream? Itinerary? Or, like most people these days, is it your smartphone?

Yep, technology increases to infiltrate all aspects of our lives and even when going on holiday, many of us don’t leave it behind. Whether you’re travelling for business, on a family holiday, a backpacking adventure or any other reason, then you’ll definitely be taking your smartphone and taking advantage of the apps that are available.

There are so many travel apps on the market for Android and iOS these days, and with robustness and quality pretty much a given now, it can be tricky to know where to start. For example, if you’re on your way to Europe, there are hundreds of apps to choose from. You can find the status of a flight, you can search local areas, find places to eat, translate phrases… the list is almost endless!

Let’s take Netherlands for example. You can use an app to help you find reasonably priced flights to Amsterdam, but what next? Well, we don’t want you to stress out while preparing for your break, so we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you.

Before you even leave for your trip, Dcovery will help you work out a very personal travel guide at your destination. It works by using the data you input about your personal preferences and helps you and your travelling companions create a bespoke plan for your holiday – so much better than the staid old tourist trails.

LocalEats is great to help you find somewhere to eat when you are on your holiday – use the rating system to find local eateries that you might otherwise have missed.

Similarly, TripAdvisor’s app is perfect for checking reviewers’ opinions on everything ranging from where to go, to what to eat, to what to do and when. There is nothing more comforting than a load of positive reviews from people just like you – these apps really can help you save money, time and help you have the best possible time.

Travel App Box is also really good to help you out with local information – everything from local transport, taxi numbers, public transport and the best way to get where you want to go, all the way to advice on local customs and how much to tip.

Chuck in one of the many translation apps to make sure you have the phrases you need at your fingertips then you’re guaranteed to be using your smartphone in the best way to help you have a great time. Remember to check your data plan before you go and find the cheapest option, as you don’t want to get caught by huge data charges.

Bon voyage!


Guest post written by by Anna Weston, a blogger from North of England. Travel enthusiast in her free time and surfing fanatic when not on her computer or smartphone.