Dressing up your casual clothing

How to Use Casual Clothes as Formal Evening Wear

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before our big summer holiday; but instead of celebrating, I’m jumping up and down on my suitcase, hoping that it will miraculously close. Then I arrive at the airport and instead of wondering what cocktail to order first, I’m wondering how on earth my suitcase will come in under the baggage limit. Trying to take too many clothes on holiday was a problem for years. Until I realised that by packing versatile, casual clothes, I could leave all my formal, space-eating clothes at home and still create a classy look for those nights of fine dining. Here are some great tips on how to do this.


Day to night outfitJeans, denim shorts, cropped pants and skirts can be the ultimate all-round piece of clothing, if you know how to use them. For casual daytime adventures, like walking through the town, or eating in a quaint café, jeans or shorts depending on the weather, have and continue to be perfect. But that’s not all they’re good for. At formal restaurants, you can treat jeans as if they are a pair of smart trousers if the design doesn’t include stonewash, rips or any other loud decoration. Try a pair that is all one colour; dark navy or black are great choices for evening whilst lighter shades are great for during the day. Loose or fitted, denim is a very versatile material that looks great with any colour and so can be easily paired with most of your wardrobe. Tight jeans look extremely fashionable, although you should consider your appetite before going to a sit down meal as having to undo your belt and top button will certainly diminish the smart look.


Shirts and t-shirts are extremely versatile. Purchasing a few t-shirts in contrasting colours such as black, white or grey are ideal in order to ensure they go with many of your other items of clothing. In the daytime, plain or minimally designed t shirts or vests are easily able to blend in with any casual clothing you choose. At night, they can become part of a formal outfit, allowing you to easily fit into a fine dining environment. Overlaying a smart shirt will add sophistication and also give you the chance to make for a more colourful attire. Checkered designs are great as they incorporate lots of colours making it a more versatile piece of clothing. Maxi dresses for women are perhaps the ultimate in multipurpose clothing. As they are a complete outfit in themselves, not having to pack separates is ideal on space saving in the suitcase. Loose fitted dresses are great for covering up during the day and are extremely comfortable to wear if you’re on the move. More tighter fitted alternatives or simply adding a belt to your day time dress are great for the evening and showing off a great figure.


Simple accessories can add a touch of glamour, style, elegance and make for an eye catching outfit. Small pieces of jewellery, hair accessories, belts or delicate shawls are easy to fit in your suitcase, yet they are probably the most important thing you can use to complete a formal style. A belt can add a classy look to a pair of jeans, or create curves and a more sexy style to any dress. Formal classics, like a pair of pearl earrings are a great way of presenting a sense of stylish formality, whilst diamond necklaces or bracelets will certainly add a sparkle to any attire. To finish off your look, a silk scarf or shawl is a great accessory. It’s elegant material and stylish appearance is a fantastic way to raise the standard of your other clothes and give you a truly sophisticated outfit whilst also keeping you that little bit warmer.

We all know that packing for all the eventualities on a holiday can be tough. But with the right preparation, a handful of top tips and some chameleon-like clothes, it can be much easier than you’d imagine.