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What to wear on your Ibiza vacation

The island of Ibiza has a strong reputation as a party island and is renowned throughout the world for its clubbing scene. However there is much more to this beautiful island than this and if you travel to Ibiza outside the main summer season, you will discover a more peaceful and romantic side to the island. The climate in Ibiza is exceptionally mild throughout the whole year so it is worth taking advantage of this quieter time.

Beach in Ibiza

In September and October the daily temperature will still be warm enough for you to spend plenty of time at the pool or on one of Ibiza's beautiful beaches such as Talamanca beach. You may wish to bring a brightly coloured kaftan or wrap as a cover-up in case of cloudy spells. You could accessorise this with hippy bangles and sandals and you would then have a look perfect for wandering through the markets in Ibiza Town.


Normal summer wear such as shorts with strappy tops or t-shirts would also still be appropriate wear in Ibiza through the Autumn as would cropped cotton trousers.

For a touch of boho chic, you could revisit your summer maxi dresses, especially if you have any that are in bright prints, and accessorise them with jewellery for another perfect Ibiza look. You could then adapt this look and make it suitable for the evening by adding a thin cardigan or wrap and accessorising with heels or glittery sandals.

It's worth remembering that the famous hippy markets in Ibiza can be an absolute treasure trove of jewellery and accessories so you may decide not to pack many of your own and then just accessorise Ibiza style once you get there.

In the autumn in Ibiza the evenings can start to be a little chilly so you will definitely need a few thin cardigans or jumpers and perhaps a thin jacket. There can also a risk of showery weather in the autumn so a waterproof jacket would be a preferable choice.

For footwear, flip-flops are an absolute must for the beach and for shopping trips and expeditions. You may also want to bring some heels or wedge sandals if you want a dressier look for the evenings.

Just because you found a cheap holiday to Ibiza, you don’t have to spend all the money you save on clothes and casual dressing should be your by-word. Don't overdress or look as if you are trying too hard. Once a hippy Mecca, Ibiza is still above all a place of self-expression, so don't worry about whether your clothes are suitable or if they fit in. Dress comfortably, choose clothes that are light, can be worn as layers and that are easy to throw on. Above all, dress to suit yourself.

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