What to pack for Aruba

What to pack for Aruba, Complete Aruba packing list

Here is your complete guide on what to pack for Aruba. Check out your full packing list below.

Aruba packing-list

  • at least one cover-up to wear over swimwear at the beach/pool
  • 3 pairs of swimwear
  • 3 dresses
  • shorts
  • skirts
  • lightweight, loose-fitting tops in natural fibers (cotton, bamboo and linen)
  • undergarments (one per day is recommended)
  • 1 dressy pair of sandals
  • 1 casual pair of flip flops
  • A pair of hiking/walking shoes, if you plan to do a lot of hiking and exploring
  • 2-3 lightweight cardigans
  • super lightweight foldable waterproof jacket
  • sleepwear (loose-fitting and made from natural fibers recommended)
  • One beach bag
  • One foldable backpack if you plan to go exploring or sightseeing
  • wide-brimmed sun hat
  • good quality sunglasses with UV protection

Other essential items to pack for Aruba

  • sunscreen (it is very expensive to buy here, so you are better off bringing your own)
  • insect/mosquito repellent (the mosquitos can be quite fierce)
  • Your regular medication

Travel documents required for Aruba

What NOT to pack for Aruba

  • Heavy coats or thick jackets (opt for a very lightweight, waterproof and breathable jacket).
  • Thick sweaters (just lightweight cardigans or wraps will be fine).
  • Clothing made from polyester or other synthetic fabrics. The climate is too hot and humid and the synthetic fabrics will leave you feeling hot and sticky.
  • Any clothing that features camouflage or army prints. This clothing is illegal in Aruba and can not be worn by tourists or even children.
  • Here is a full list of prohibited items in Aruba. 

What not to pack for Aruba camouflage clothing banned

So there you have it, your complete guide on what to pack for Aruba. Are we missing anything? Comment your tips and travel hacks below:

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