What to wear in Japan in November

What to wear in Japan in November

If you are heading to Japan in November, you have chosen a perfect time to go!  The weather is mild and the autumn leaves produce a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors, perfect for sightseeing. Here is your complete guide on what to pack and what to wear in Japan in November.


How to dress in Japan in November

  • The season in November in Japan is fall, so the temperature begins to cool and the days become shorter.
  • The average temperature reaches a high of 59 degrees F  (15 C) and a low of 48 F (9 C).
  • This means you should dress in warm layers, wear mid-weight pants and pack a jacket.
  • Keep in mind that many restaurants, shopping centers and indoor locations will have the heat pumped up, so bring layers that are easy to take on and off and easy to carry. For example, wear a lightweight packable jacket that can easily fold up when exploring indoor attractions.
  • Another thing to remember in November is that it gets dark a lot sooner in Japan (approximately 4:30pm), and the temperature tends to drop at this time. So if you are heading out in the late afternoon ensure you prepare for the drop in temperature.

How to dress for Mount Fuji Japan November

Essential clothing for Japan in November

1) A packable waterproof jacket

  • November in Japan experiences less rain compared to March to October, but 12 out of 30 days are still rainy. So a light-weight waterproof jacket is recommended.
  • A packable rain jacket is ideal as you can easily store it in your bag and only get it out when necessary.

Packable Rain Jacket - Japan November

2) Quality walking shoes

  • You will no doubt want to explore the extraordinary autumnal leaves at the many destinations throughout Japan in November.
  • Most of your exploring will be done on foot and therefore comfortable and high-quality footwear is essential.
  • Make sure your shoes are worn-in before heading off on vacation, there is nothing worse than getting blisters when trying to enjoy your walking adventure.

walking shes to pack in Japan in November

3) Lightweight wool layers

  • Merino wool sweaters, cardigans and lightweight crew necks are fantastic for Japan's cooler temperature during November.
  • Merino wool will keep you warm without overheating, and reduce perspiration while you explore Japan's many tourist attractions.
  • Layer thicker open front cardigans or jackets, over lightweight merino crews.
  • Dressing in layers will also allow you to slip off top layers while remaining warm enough with the layers left underneath. This is much better than packing very bulky knits and feeling too hot, or getting too cold when you remove them.

light weight merino wool sweaters

Packing checklist for Japan in November

  1. A packable waterproof jacket.
  2. High quality, well-worn walking shoes (thank us later).
  3. Lightweight merino wool layers (think light wool crew necks, merino cardigans and high-wool blend wraps).
  4. Mid-weight pants, comfortable enough to walk around in. (Not too stiff or uncomfortable, you will be walking a lot).
  5. Some dressy outfits for going out in the evenings.
  6. A pair of dressy shoes that goes with all of your dressy outfits (e.g. black ankle-length dressy boots).
  7.  A mid-sized backpack to carry your travel essentials.


  1. A travel umbrella
  2. Hiking shoes if you plan to take part in hiking tours

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on what to wear in Japan in November. For even more in-depth style tips you might also like our article: What To Wear In Japan

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