What to wear in Hong Kong

What to Wear in Hong Kong

Top style tips for Hong Kong

  • When deciding what to wear to Hong Kong, keep in mind this a fashion-conscious, designer-conscious city – particularly amongst the young people.
  • Generally, older Hong Kong people dress modestly – no short skirts, no strappy tops nor generally tight or revealing clothes. However the same cannot be said about the young! In the full heat and humidity of summer you will see plenty of camisoles, t-shirts and shorts.
  • Dress well in a smart casual fashion and you will find you fit in.
  • Hong Kong's sub-tropical climate means that you won't need winter clothes for most of the year.
  • However, if you are staying in a hotel we would suggest you take a light sweater or pashmina as the air conditioning can be fierce.
  • Loose-fitting, natural fabrics and layered clothes will work all year round.
  • We suggest that you favor dark colors as these are always popular and will mean you will be less conspicuous.
  • Jeans are also popular but probably too uncomfortable in the hottest parts of the year.
  • People seem to make more of an effort to dress smartly for dinner in the hotels – so a nice top or dress, or pants and shirt, and smart shoes, will be useful.
  • Also be warned – you may be refused entry at some up-scale restaurants if you don't look smart enough. If you've been sightseeing, aim to freshen up and change your clothes before meals.
  • If you are in Hong Kong on business then formal suits are the norm – for both men and women.
  • If you are looking for a highly versatile travel jacket to bring along we recommend the SCOTTeVEST range. Their range of jackets have been specifically designed with traveling in mind and include RFID security (to protect your passport information), 23 secure pockets and personal connectivity integration.

Shoes to pack for Hong Kong

  • Be sure to pack some comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing. We love Hotter shoes, for total comfort along with style.
  • And the Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops are great too – using interchangeable shoe and flip-flop bases with snap-on decorations, you can change your look from day to evening in an instant whilst still packing light.

Pack for the Weather

  • From mid-December, through January to mid-February it is cooler and warmer layers would be advisable. So leave your flip flops, shorts and strappy tops at home in favor of t-shirts, jeans and a jacket.
  • The wet season is June/July/August, and if you visit at this time our advice would be to pack a lightweight raincoat, but not to bother to pack an umbrella as you will find inexpensive ones on street stalls and in local shops everywhere.
  • We love the Weather+ app – it gives an accurate 6 day forecast for day and night, which when you're planning from home is really helpful. You can keep all the places you've been to too – a nice way to remember your trip 🙂 Download for iPad/iPhone or Android

Clothing tips for women

  • The humidity can play havoc with your hair – so think about accessories or a scarf to keep it looking neat and tidy.
  • A few well-chosen pieces of costume jewelry will transform any outfit.
  • And a pashmina is a versatile piece that will dress up any outfit when you need it – as well as keeping you warm or covering your shoulders for modesty.

Clothing tips for men

  • There are no specific things to bring to your attention, check out our packing list for our suggested capsule wardrobe.
  • For great versatile travel jackets with multiple pockets including RFID security options, we love the SCOTTeVEST range.

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