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How to use a digital organizer to pack your gadgets, cables and chargers


It is a great idea to use a digital organizer when packing for your next vacation. Organizers provide a simple storage solution for all of your electrical gadgets and accessories. They are a great way to avoid getting all of your electrical cables tangled and losing small USBs and memory cards within your luggage.

Things to look out for when choosing a digital organizer:

  1. Consider using a waterproof electronics organizer to keep your valuables free from moisture.
  2. Also, choose an organizer with built-in padding for protecting larger items such as tablets, lenses and adapters.
  3. Make sure the organizer has customizable inserts, to allow you to adapt the protection to suit your individual electrical gadgets.
  4. Choose an organizer with sturdy external zips and high quality external material, that is less likely to tear over time.


We like this digital organizer on Amazon, but there are plenty to choose from so have a good hunt around for your favorite.  

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