Style Spotlight: Peruvian Connection

As a strong, confident, woman I like to think I have pretty much nailed my sense of style. I know what I like and what works for me, yet I also know trends I would rather live without. I have a Rolodex of trusted brands I turn to when I am trying to create a wardrobe that epitomizes who I am. However, once in a blue moon, I will come across a brand that surprises me and makes me question my outlook. A collection that possesses that je ne sais quoi factor and makes me wonder if there is room for an exotic twist to my tried and tested approach to styling.

Peruvian Connection cardiganPeruvian Connection is one of those brands that made me do a double take.   The first thing I noticed is the unique blend of traditional artisan craftsmanship with a sense of contemporary styling. The Peruvian vibes are enhanced by modern design features and impeccable attention to detail.

Peruvian Connection Founder Annie Hurlbut


Peruvian Connection Winter look book

It is no surprise that Peruvian Connection has developed a cult following of chic, discerning women from around the globe. This list includes Royal style icon, Kate Middleton.  Kate has been snapped rocking Peruvian Connection on her global travels.

Kate Middleton snapped wearing Peruvian Connection on her global travels

I have definitely added Peruvian Connection to my trusty fashion Rolodex (and not just because it makes me feel one step closer to Royalty).  You can check out the full collection or learn more about their story at the Peruvian Connection website.