Product Review – Hotter ‘Elm’ Men’s Shoes

Hotter Elm Shoes

If we send you a pair of our men's shoes, Hotter asked, would you like to review them? Oh err, go on then!

Which ones would you like? I won't be wearing these myself of course, they'll be a treat for hubby. But as he's not really a ‘shoe person', I took the liberty of picking on his behalf. I thought he could use something light and casual, good for holidays, so plumped for Elm Shoes which looked like a good all-rounder.

In a light grey-blue canvas fabric (I chose the Denim shade, also available in Sand) with cream soles (not dazzling white, thankfully) they have a young, modern look. They go perfectly with jeans,  chinos or any casual trousers really, and look equally good with shorts too.

Elm Shoes (They are more grey than the photo suggests)

Although a casual shoe, they are smart enough for most summer occasions – any time you need a step up from trainers or sneakers but don't want the formality (or discomfort) of a leather shoe.

They're really light too, weighing in at 670 grams for the pair; that's a whole 150 – 250 grams less than his other casual shoes (deck shoes, trainers). So that will keep me happy when packing our suitcases!

I worried initially they may be a little narrow (Hotter's ‘extra wide' width wasn't available in this style) but if you take the time to loosen the laces they open out nicely and are easy to put on. Hubby reported they are light and comfy, and even from the first wear they haven't caused any problems with rubbing or blisters (despite a long-standing foot problem). They feel like they will ‘give' a little too, over time.

I wouldn't recommend them for a serious countryside ramble as they'd get dirty and scuffed, but they're ideal for any other casual walking such as city sightseeing or across light grassland. You could wear them to the pub, out for dinner, for a walk, or on the beach. So really for many kinds of holiday they could be the only shoes you need.

Elm Shoes

Admittedly we were given this pair for free, but at £55 / $89 for a pair of versatile men's shoes that you could wear on so many occasions, I think they're pretty good value. And I know from experience that the Hotter quality and workmanship means they will last.

To read more about Elm Shoes, or to browse Hotter's range of other men's shoes, visit the Hotter USA or Hotter UK website.


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Disclaimer: Our Elm Shoes were supplied to us by Hotter for the purposes of review. There were no conditions attached and the above is a true account of our experience.