3 ways to wear a kaftan

3 Ways To Wear… A Kaftan

The key to packing light is to choose items that can be worn in different ways to suit different occasions. In this series we give some suggestions for our top capsule wardrobe staples.


The Kaftan. Wear it as…

Kaftan - beach outfit1. A beach cover-up

A loose floaty top is ideal to throw on over your swimwear.

Pop it on for lunch at a taverna or beach bar; cover up for modesty when walking between the hotel and pool; or protect yourself from the sun when it all gets a little too warm.



Kaftan - casual outfit2. A casual top

Wear your kaftan over shorts or jeans for a casual day or evening layer.

Perfect if the temperature turns a little cooler, or if you just need to cover up a little more when sightseeing; remember if visiting any churches, monasteries or mosques you'll need to cover your shoulders and knees.

Kaftan - evening wear3. Evening wear

Dress up your kaftan for evenings by adding a belt, heels or pretty sandals, a pashmina, or some simple costume jewellery.

Whether you're out for dinner, or dancing the night away, you'll look fresh and stylish.

Choosing your kaftan

Choose natural and breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton blends that will be comfortable in hot weather. Avoid synthetics as these can irritate your skin when it's hot.

Opt for something light that you can wash easily in the sink and which will dry quickly on a sunny balcony. Anything with a textured look in the fabric won't need ironing – hang it up to dry so the creases drop out.

Something knee-length will give you maximum coverage – both as sun protection and as a modesty layer; for full versatility, you should be comfortable wearing it with bare legs. Longer sleeves are also preferable for the same reason.

A loose and floaty style will be more versatile and comfortable than something tight – you can always add a belt when you want to smarten up. If it's slightly sheer, add a cami underneath.