USA Route 66 Road Trip – Day 15: Los Angeles

For our last full day in LA the plan was to walk a few miles along the beach from Redondo Beach to Hermosa Beach and maybe then on to Manhattan Beach.

The temperature today has been in the 90's. After we walked to Hermosa Beach – which took about an hour and a half – we were so hot by the time we arrived at the pier we just needed a drink. With hindsight it would have been better to hire bikes and ridden – they have really good bike lanes down by the beach and it's nice and flat to ride on. There is also a regular beach bus service that connects the three beaches but in our insanity we decided to walk. Lunch at Henneseys was ok but not the best we have had, but the view is what makes it so popular.

On the walk there we stood and watched sea lions playing in the harbour; how they get up on the slippery round buoys I have no idea but they managed it, and others were playing in the water or on the harbour wall. Flocks of pelicans flew overhead and some very expensive boats were making their way out to sea. The Marina was chocked full of extremely large and expensive boats. At Hermosa Pier, Steve was talking to a guy who was fishing and he was complaining that one of the seals kept stealing the bait as he fished, just for the fun of it. The same seal was also trying to bump the sailboarders off their boards! Apparently though, sharks come really close all along this part of the coast.

On the walk back we stopped at Kincaid's on Redondo Beach Pier for a refreshing spritzer and beer before taking our weary bodies back to the bungalow. The location of our B&B place is amazing – just two roads back from the sea, with parking right outside and a quiet road at that. It's less than a 5 minute walk to the pier, where on our last night we ate at Tony's on the Pier, a restaurant and bar that has been there since the 1950's and is still buzzing. This place still serves the traditional American style of offering with first a choice of three soups, then salad with a choice of dressings, and then with your main a choice of pasta, fries, jacket potato, rice, veggies. But we didn't see one person have a dessert, hardly surprising I guess and we couldn't figure out if they actually sold them at all. The service was great, the food yummy and the atmosphere buzzing – a definite must-visit place.


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