Product Review – Lug Tango Travel Wallet

Lug Tango Travel Wallet in GreenThis is one of my all-time favorite travel items – and the very best travel wallet I have used to date (and I've tried a lot!).

Straight away I loved the stylish look and the range of funky colors – choosing the bright green.

Inside the Lug Travel WalletFor any trip it’s great, but on our trip to Burma we needed a wallet that could keep three different currencies apart, credit cards safe (which with the little pop clip gives you more security, stopping as it does them from moving) – and accommodate passports, visas, tickets, travel documents, insurance info and more. That, in my experience, is quite an ask and usually means a travel wallet is bursting at the seams, but the Lug wallet could handle all of the paperwork, plus a pen, and still close really easily.

The wrist strap is another great feature. On one trip to an old colonial haunt I used it as my purse for the evening and it looked very stylish.



Written by Helen