Vacay With A Difference – Try A Home Exchange

If you fancy a holiday with a difference, how about a home exchange?

Why exchange homes?

Home exchange is a great way to meet people and spend vacations in a real local home – giving you access to properties you might otherwise never afford.

By exchanging homes with people who share your lifestyle and passions, you will find all the comforts you need e.g. people with young children like yours will have all the equipment you need like toys, security barrier, baby bed etc.

Home swap is therefore also a way to travel light! No need to take with you all the furniture and accessories you need for your family, as everything will already be in the house you choose.

On a home exchange website such as GuestToGuest you can choose a house by checking the list of the facilities there are, and you can also see pictures and find other information e.g.

  • Are smokers allowed?
  • Are there animals in the house?
  • Is there some gardening to do?
  • What activities can I do nearby?

How to ensure a successful home exchange

You will need to make preparations to make sure your home swap goes smoothly. Before departure there are some normal formalities to do:

  • Organise the key delivery
  • Make a list of important numbers to call in case of a problem
  • Leave some washed linen for your guests (if you decide to)
  • Update your insurance policies (normally only a call to your insurance company is needed), etc.

Don't forget to leave a list of good activities, nice places to see, one or two good restaurants and some of the things you like to do in your town or anywhere nearby.

The GuestToGuest website lists homes for holiday exchange across the world.

With these stunning properties and more to choose from, you're sure to find somewhere exciting for your vacation. Visit the website now to enjoy incredible home exchanges – we hope to see you soon. Join the GuestToGuest network now ! >>


GuestToGuestGuest post was written by Lucile of GuestToGuest. GuestToGuest is a social network for home exchange all around the world. It allows people who share the same passions and lifestyles to swap homes during their vacations for free, with trust and flexibility.