Travel insurance

Plan Ahead And Insure Your Trip


Whether you’re going away for a week or weekend, a fortnight or month, deciding what clothes to pack for your trip takes time and needs proper thought and planning. There’s nothing worse than throwing things into a suitcase in a rush before heading to the airport, or getting to your destination and realising you forgot to pack your favourite dress! In order to avoid wardrobe disappointments on your holiday, and also ensure that you take everything you need check out our destination specific advice.

Once you’ve booked your holiday, be mindful of the weather patterns and season in your destination. I recently flew to a “wintry” South Africa from summery Europe and wish I’d brought more boots and jackets! Although the weather is mostly mild, the evenings get chilly and windy, so really do your research to determine what kind of clothes to bring and so you don’t over- or under-pack.

Travel insurance

So you’ve booked your trip and picked your outfits, but have you remembered to purchase a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy that includes cover for baggage and valuables? Although this is considerably less glamorous than planning what accessories match your summer skirts and dresses, it’s essential for a stress-free holiday. No fashionista wants to lose their luggage which is full of new clothes and cute shoes, but if this inconvenience does befall you, at least you have a travel insurance policy to fall back on. And with the money that covers your lost belongings, you can even turn it into a good reason to go shopping.

Top baggage insurance tip: keep the receipts of all your valuables in case you have to claim on your travel policy. If your valuables are stolen, report it as soon as possible to the nearest police station.