What to wear in Japan in April

Japan in April, what to pack and where to stay

I went to Japan with my husband and teenage son in April, this year. Here is my style report:

  • Japanese people dress well, their clothes are immaculate and they really don’t do the scruffy look that my teenage son favors. When we were in Tokyo he went out a bought a pair of Armani jeans so that he felt he fitted in.
  • I also tried to convince my husband not to bring his ‘dad' jeans but he didn't listen. Needless to say, they ended up sitting in the suitcase for the whole trip. So my advice would be to keep your casual jeans at home.
  • Black is the top color – just look at the photos we took, it’s everywhere.

black outfits of Tokyo

  • We took warm layers and umbrellas because April can be wet and cold and we used everything we took. Layers are really key because whilst it’s cold outside the heating is full-on and inside temperatures can be stifling.
  • We packed dark trousers, T-shirts and smarter tops for the evening but you don’t need that much as you can always get things cleaned. We took 2 small suitcases and had plenty of clothes for 3 adults. Many hotels have washing machines that you can use yourself to keep laundry costs down.
  • They say Japanese women love their Louis Vuitton accessorizes and they are right. Pack lovely stylish shoes but make sure they are comfortable, we walked miles in the metro as well as all the sightseeing.

LV handbags Japan


  • We stayed at the Prince Park Tower in Tokyo, a really gorgeous hotel well situated for sightseeing and only a short walk from the metro.

Prince Park Tower Tokyo

  • Moving on to Kyoto, our experience was that hotels were not as good a standard as in Tokyo (the Royal Park Hotel The Kyoto is a notable exception) and were also more expensive because Kyoto is a big attraction to Japanese tourists too.

Royal Park Hotel Kyoto