What to Wear in Galapagos

General Style Tips

  • Leave your glamorous clothes at home, and take casual skirts or pants, t-shirts, and a fleece for the cooler nights.
  • A trip to The Galapagos is likely to involve at least a short cruise by boat, stopping off to enjoy the different islands during the day and sailing to your next site overnight.
  • Ensure you bring a versatile travel jacket. We love the SCOTTeVEST travel jacket because it has over 23 pockets, removable sleeves and RFID protection.
  • Swimwear is a must for sunbathing on board as you travel from island to island, and for dips to cool off or swim with turtles, sea lions etc…
  • And wear good sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection), sunglasses and a sunhat.
  • There is no need to dress for dinner at the Captain's Table on these boats.


What Shoes To Pack

  • For walking on volcanic sand or scrambling over rocks take sturdy but lightweight shoes that can cope with getting wet – rubber soles will also help to stop you from slipping.
  • The beaches are often stunning but the chances are you will be sharing them with seals and seal poo! So beach or dive shoes are a good idea.
  • We love the Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops range of sandals – using interchangeable shoe and flip-flop bases with snap-on decorations, you can change your look from day to evening in an instant whilst still packing light.

Clothing Tips for Women

  • If you do want to add a little sparkle in the evenings, some simple accessories or costume jewelry will be fine.
  • A pashmina is a versatile piece that will dress up any outfit, or keep you warm when it gets chilly.
  • And a sarong is a great idea – it works as a cover-up during the day or a skirt at night.

Clothing Tips for Men

  • If you're looking for versatile and stylish beachwear, try the Madda Fella range of shirts, shorts, polos and swimwear.
  • For great versatile travel jackets with multiple pockets including RFID security options, we love the SCOTTeVEST range.

Pack for the Weather

  • It's going to be hot whatever time of year you visit, although in June, July, August, September and October it is slightly cooler.
  • We love the Weather+ app – it gives an accurate 6 day forecast for day and night, which when you're planning from home is really helpful. You can keep all the places you've been to too – a nice way to remember your trip 🙂 Download for iPad/iPhone or Android

Other Things To Pack

  • As the boats are all small and have limited space to accommodate luggage, our advice is to pack light. A soft-sided rucksack will be more practical than a hard suitcase, and using packing cubes can help to keep your belongings tidy whilst compressing the volume too.
  • Combine your bag with a fold away day sack that will carry your essentials on day trips.
  • You will need to ensure that you pack everything you need as you will struggle to buy things there. So remember your sunscreen, insect/mosquito repellent, toiletries, small first aid kit,  electrical chargers, etc.
  • To use electrical gadgets you may need a travel adapter plug, and also a step up voltage converter if your devices are not designed for the local voltage (110V).
  • A microfiber travel towel is another great item to pack – these are designed specifically for travel: they fold really small so you can take a larger size and they dry really quickly too.
  • Don’t drink or even brush your teeth in tap water. Consider taking a LifeStraw Filtration Water Bottle to avoid wasting plastic bottles.
  • Look after your mobile phone with a phone bunjee – it protects against loss, theft and damage, and gives great peace of mind when you're out on the water. A solar powered charger can be useful too, as a back-up for your battery which may run down quickly if you use your phone to take photos.
  • Avoid paying unexpected baggage fees – use an accurate luggage scale to ensure you keep within the weight allowance. Don't forget to leave room for souvenirs on the way home! Shopping is at a premium in The Galapagos with prices to match, but if you buy gifts from the Charles Darwin Research Station the profits will go back to help fund the research.