What to Wear in St Louis, Missouri

General Style Tips

  • Smart business orientated clothes will carry you through in St Louis for business, sight seeing and for eating out.
  • The summers; June, July, August and September are hot and lightweight clothes in natural fibers will work best – lightweight dresses fit the bill perfectly but be warned the air conditioning can be fierce, so take a lightweight jacket or pashmina to throw on.
  • Guys should be smartly dressed for business – but again, make sure your suit's lightweight.
  • It's very easy to get clothes laundered so you can keep your packing light.
  • There is a vibrant micro brewery scene worth checking out.
  • St Louis has a great deal to offer the sightseeing visitor – there really is loads to see and do, and most of it is best done on foot, so make sure you take comfy footwear for daytime (for total comfort you can't beat Hotter shoes, and they look great too).
  • Don't forget that conditions are arctic if you're visiting in winter; December, January and February so you need to be prepared for them. If you don't, you'll find that your skin really does shrivel up and fall off. You are well advised to have a very thick, warm coat. Gloves, a hat, warm scarf and ear muffs are also a very good idea.
  • Have some versatile shoes with a soft rubber tread to provide you with enough traction not to slip on the ice.  It's important that you get soft rubber soles because even medium soles get really hard in the freezing cold. Make sure too that they have large spaces between the tracks, or the snow will get stuck in them and make them very slippery.
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