What to Wear in Florida

General Style Tips

  • You see lots of guys hanging around in groups in Miami. They are invariably dressed in a uniform of oversized t-shirts and jeans, so if you want to blend in…
  • For the rest of Florida anything goes, so choose your favorites.
  • Miami is very much a see & be seen culture, so take anything you're happy for people to look at you in!
  • You can be as smart or as casual as you like. Everyone wears something different.
  • Unless you particularly like dressing up or plan on visiting upscale restaurants, you really don't need a cocktail outfit or dress – you'll fit in however you're dressed.
  • Rollerblading along the promenade is big in Miami, particularly with women. So if this your thing, make sure you take some shorts and camisoles and you'll fit in just fine.
  • The social and food scene in Miami is amazing. Prepare to eat, drink, and sit and people-watch a lot! You'll see some fascinating sights.
  • Everything's easy to buy, so don't take up valuable packing space with regular cosmetics, medicines, books or the like. Buy them when you arrive.
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