What to Wear in New York

General Style Tips

  • New Yorkers don't get dressed up for much, even the theater.
  • If you're there for corporate reasons or intend to go to church, a suit or smart equivalent is expected, but any other reason for your visit and the choice is yours.
  • There's only one definite exception we've found to this; The Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Center. It is a brilliant place to spend a romantic evening and view the sunset from but, because their theme is the glamour of a former era, it has a dress code.
  • Black and grey are always great favorites.
  • There really is loads to see in New York and most of it is best done on foot, so make sure you take comfy footwear for daytime (we love Hotter shoes, for total comfort and they look great too).
  • Pop a lightweight day pack in, to carry all your sightseeing essentials.
  • New York has loads of day spas and gyms, so if this is your thing make sure you have your swimwear and gym kit packed.
  • Catching a show is a ‘must-do', so plan ahead and book your Broadway tickets before you go. There's no particular dress code, so just wear something comfortable.
  • You only need to pack very light. The shopping's fabulous, so it makes sense to keep some holes in your case to fill with new treasures. At Macy's stop off first at the Visitors Centre and pick up your 11% visitors discount card and department store map.
  • And there are cleaners galore either drop your dirty laundry in to one on the street while you shop or organise it through your hotel.
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Clothing Tips for Women

  • It is of course the place which gave us Sex & the City, so take some glamorous shoes with you too for the evening.
  • A versatile wrap or pashmina can be a handy extra layer.
  • And remember a few well-chosen pieces of costume jewelry will transform any outfit.

Pack for the Weather

  • New York can have very extreme temperature changes, so you need to be prepared for them or you'll be forced to go clothes shopping.
  • Winter (December, January, February and March) is absolutely freezing, so layer up. If you don't, you'll find that your skin really does shrivel up and fall off.
  • New Yorkers wear a lot of fur in the winter – for a reason. Whether your preference is for fake or the real thing, you are well advised to have a very thick warm coat, gloves and scarf. A warm hat and/or ear muffs are also a very good idea.
  • In winter you'll also need really good boots with soft rubber soles. It's important that you get soft rubber soles because even medium soles get really hard in the freezing cold. Make sure too that they have large spaces between the tracks, or the snow will get stuck in them and make them very slippery.
  • Sunglasses can also be useful in winter to protect your eyes from the wind and glare from the snow.
  • See our Blog post for more tips on what to wear in a New York winter.
  • Conversely, summer can be roasting, so breathable fabrics are best. Don't forget a good sunhat and sunglasses too – plus sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection) if you prefer to take your favorite brand with you.
  • We love the Weather+ app – it gives an accurate 6 day forecast for day and night, which when you're planning from home is really helpful. You can keep all the places you've been to too – a nice way to remember your trip 🙂 Download for iPad/iPhone or Android