Women’s Capsule Wardrobe for a Beach Vacation

Things to Consider

  • You won't need much more than swimwear, sunhat and sunglasses for lazy days in the sun. But also consider…
  • Will you be taking day trips away from the beach – and will these need particular clothing or footwear?
  • Are there any cultural obligations in the area? See our destination pages for more advice on this.
  • Is nightlife centred around smart hotels/restaurants where there is an expectation or an opportunity to dress up? Or is it more chilled out and relaxed?
  • If you are a fan of killer heels maybe switch to sparkly flats; the heat can make your feet swell and heels could be really uncomfortable.
  • Whilst it may be hot during the day, how much cooler is it in the evenings? If there is mention of a breeze during the day it will feel even cooler at night.
  • Hotel air conditioning can be fierce too, making it feel cold even when it's very hot outside. A pashmina or wrap is useful to put around you if you feel chilly.
  • Never underestimate how costume jewellery can transform an outfit, and remember – bright accessories show off a tan.
  • Pick a simple colour scheme of neutrals plus one or two statement shades. Make sure all your clothes co-ordinate so they can be mixed and matched.
  • Remember you will need an outfit to travel in! Wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes where possible.
  • Download our complete packing list below for all quantities and a checklist of items.
  • Also see our Beach Capsule Wardrobe for Men




A loose floaty top looks equally good as a beach cover up or worn with trousers or shorts.

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Essential for lazy days of sun-bathing, and they can also look fabulous with trousers or a skirt for an evening look.

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Can be worn in so many ways – as a beach cover-up for sun or modesty, they work well as a skirt or will cover your shoulders at religious sites, or loop it round as a scarf to dress up a simple top.

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Essential for sun protection in hot weather and it can make a great fashion statement too. Remember you may need to pack it in your case, so choose a style that will fold or roll up.

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