Rogue Canvas Travel Bag

Rogue Canvas Travel Bag
Olive Sand

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We love it because...

  • Strong and durable
  • Soft-sided so ideal for use in small planes or vehicles
  • Functional and stylish

Product Details

This strong travel bag is handmade by Rogue, designed for the demands of use in Africa. Made from durable canvas and leather, it is functional and stylish, has a wide opening, side pockets, an inside zipped pocket and a shoulder strap. The bag also now has new rounded feet which will not "catch" when being handled by baggage handlers.

The bag is strong enough to be used as hold luggage on an aeroplane and can be locked with a padlock.  It is also ideally suited to safari trips, as it is soft and can therefore be easily stored in the hold of a small aeroplane or safari transfer vehicle.

Dimensions L 70cm x W 32cm x H 32cm

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