SwimCell Waterproof Phone Case

SwimCell Waterproof Phone Case

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We love it because...

  • Fits most phones, up to 10cm wide and 15cm tall
  • Protect from water, snow, dust or dirt
  • Would also protect valuables or money

Product Details

The SwimCell waterproof pouch from myBunjee offers the perfect storage solution for your phone when there's a risk of damage by water, snow, dirt or dust. It is 100% waterproof and tested to 10m in depth.

The SwimCell fits most phones or it can hold other valuables or money. Pop the lead round your neck and it's carried safely hands-free and close by when you need it.

Phones retain all functions whilst inside the waterproof case - e.g. you can still use the touch screen, send messages, make calls, check emails, play games or take photos.

  • 100% waterproof, tested to 10m
  • Certified IPX8
  • Take photos underwater
  • Fits phones up to 10cm wide and 15cm tall
  • Twist lock seal

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